About Eva


Eva Vosdingh Bessem


my name is Eva, aka the online witch.
I’m responsible for all online communication for Zazi, which has been a fun roller coaster for the last six years.

After 15 years of hot and happening Amsterdam, I too moved to the beautiful East side of Holland. In harmony with nature arise the best creative flows.  I no longer work for companies that destroy the world or have no sustainability on the agenda. Nor for people who are no fun. Here at Zazi their both fun and sustainable .  Yeahhh…win win.

Jo herself is simply an idea generator, so who inspires who remains to be seen 😉  Whatever the direction in the end it always benefits the greater good.

As Marketing Communicatie free-lancer and online witch I get to see many companies from the inside. This gives me a good opportunity to see how entrepreneurs steer their company through hard times. Jo is remarkably inventive in that regard. No complaining and ruling from fear, but constantly looking for new ways. And she never forgets to inspire the stores.

Its the lets-do-this-together-mentality that’s so representative of the new economy. Meanwhile this management style has given birth to new brands, new co-workers and many innovative ideas. I hope to continue my relation with Zazi for many more years.

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