Indian Team

And of course we do not do all this on our own. A big part of the work is done by our people in India. They are the ones dyeing the fabrics, printing them, making our patterns and our samples. And of course they are very busy making all those thousands of production pieces that you see in the shops that sell our brands.

Here you see a list of portraits of these men and women that are such an essential and valuable part of our production chain, and the success of our company.

And it is good to realize that every garment you see hanging in the shop has been worked on by at least 15 individual people. It has been designed, the pattern has been made, it has been cut, stitched, embellished, washed, locked, thread-cut, labels have been attached, it has been steamed, folded, packed, shipped… etcetera. If you would add the number of people that have been working on it from planting the cotton bushes to final fabric, you would end up closer to 30 pairs of hands, making your garments possible.

Making fashion is a very labour intensive process. And it is good to every now and then be reminded of this.