About Lieke OW

Lieke Oude Wetering

Lieke Oude Wesselink

Currently I live in Almelo with my 2 cats Indy & Sjors and very close to my boyfriend Tim. We are both members of the Crossfit box in Almelo where we like to work out several hours per week. Apart from sports I really like travelling, the sun, shopping, and having my friends and family around. I like to enjoy life with good food, a glass of wine with my friends and music festivals in the summer!  

 I grew up in an entrepreneurs family of 5 with both my parents and my brother and sister. Already at the age of 17 I moved out for my studies. I decided to study “Fashion Business” at the TMO near Utrecht. Right from the start I knew this was the right choice, the school was great and I really enjoyed the practical approach. During this period I evolved from a bored and bit rebellious high school teenager to a role model, hard-working student;-). Resulting from this hard work, I graduated 4 years later at the age of 21. And now? Travelling!! In order to do so I needed money so I started working at a store specialized in kids fashion, I straight away liked this product and branch! After having saved the necessary money, it was time to realize my dream and go to Australia to travel and follow an English course. What a great time! 

Back to business.. A number of years ago I came in touch with Zazi-Brands through a friend of mine. I had a cup of coffee together with Joanneke to talk about her company and the various Zazi Brands. I was very enthusiastic about the company and brands but unfortunately there was no vacancy for me at that time. I always kept it in the back of my head though…

After having gained some more experience in sales and fashion I took my chances and approached Joanneke again. As if it was meant to be, she was about to look for a new account manager for the Dutch market. Again we sat down together with a cup of coffee and again I was enthusiastic (and perhaps a bit nervous) straight away, everything felt great and I really wanted this job. And now, now I’m happily representing the Zazi Brands in the central, eastern, northern parts of the country; Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland, Gelderland and Utrecht!