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Thomas Noordman

Thomas Noordman

My name is Thomas Noordman,

I am born on 13-10-1971 in Enschede (Netherlands).
I am the oldest of 3 children – I have a brother and a sister.

After primary school I went to the Mavo. After this I trained to become a car mechanic, and finished this successfully.

But after having finished this, I did not really feel like working in the car business. So I decided to start in a totally different field – groundworks. Laying the infrastructure for electricity, gas and water. I did this in Germany.

After having worked there for a few years, this company went bankrupt. I then started working for a company that made spare parts for trucks. Here I worked for 14 years. But this company decided to move their production from Holland to Spain. This was very inconvenient, as Holland was in the middle of a recession. For me it became very difficult to find another job.

But after about half a year of unemployment, I saw this vacancy online of Zazi. I reacted immediately, and the same evening I got a response from Jo. If I wanted to come for an interview the next day.

Obviously I said yes, and luckily I was hired. I have been working here now since 2010, and still do so with great pleasure.

My job within the company is running the warehouse and act as the general handyman. Also I am part of the team that does the deliveries for all our collections.

I hope to work for Zazi for many years to come!


Thomas Noordman.