About Peter

As a reporter and portrait photographer I regularly visit other countries, and especially minorities and subcultures. You can frequently find me amidst the drifters and homeless, or with the Roma gypsies.

peter-van-beek-200x300In 2014 I made a photobook about the Roma which is called ‘’The good, the bad and the Roma’’.

And then suddenly there was LoveStation22. Fashion, kids and garments. A whole new world.  A call for action to send in your pics, the way you work. The brand and the story as told to me by Jo appealed to me. Would we have a match? We agreed to meet, and we discovered there was a natural match between the way I work, and the style of the collection.

Adventurous, daring, passionate. Walk off the trodden paths, think across borders, and take a different sort of style into photographing fashion.

That sums up LoveStation22, but also me and my work. After having done a few seasons of work for LoveStation22 and recently also for the boys brand Legends22, I am really happy to belong to this company, and that I have been adopted by an adventurous family – LoveStation22 and Legends22!

To see more of Peter’s work go to www.petervanbeek.com