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Pankaj Arora

Pankaj Arora

My name is Pankaj Arora.

I was born in September 1981 in a middle class family. I always was eager to learn about the techniques used in sales and marketing.  From a young age I had the curiosity to do something of my own. To become a businessman.

I studied in a catholic school (Ryan international school). But I was very naughty and always wandering, never wanted to study but still studied a bit  . I was a favourite among the school teachers and friends; not because of my good study results but because of my jolly and friendly and naughty nature. I finished my school in 1999.

I never wanted to study, but I had an urge to work and earn. Still I joined a college and side by side I started working with a bank in the credit card sales department.  I grabbed the essentials fast, and soon became a senior sales executive and after that an assistant Team leader. I used to sell credit cards to corporate clients – and I was very good at persuasive convincing. I made lots of sales and earned hefty incentives.

I had to leave the job because I had to appear for my graduation exams. Then I joined a company in the telecommunication industry. There I was very active and enjoyed my job to full extent and became the team leader in the span of just 7 months. I also won many accolades and prizes for my service.

During that time I got an opportunity from one of our family friends in the textile sector. Unfortunately this friend  has expired. He gave me an opportunity to work in his company, where all the processes of garmenting used to take place. It was a process house which did in-house knitting of fabric, dyeing, printing, stitching, finishing, packing and exporting.

I was given the printing department, because it was the slow earning department. He knew about my marketing skills and I was given the opportunity to make the department prosper. The first 4 months I just tried to understand the whole scenario. Then after that I took command and from 40 lacs turnover I took the printing department to 7 crores within a span of 2 years. (for Non-Indians: this means an increase in turnover of ca 3000%)

Now I had something on my mind. I quit the job and in November 2005 I started my own company, doing manual embroideries.  I was still  afresh with the skills of marketing from the credit card division, I had improved my communication skills in the telecom industry and I had learned a lot during  my 2 years in the textile industry. With the combination of these skills,  I started my own business.

I got more and more opportunities for embroidery work.  Starting with 9 machines  and slowly increasing to 19. New chances arose in printing, and I started doing trading. I used to get the printing for the exporters done from the big mills and used to charge my commission. I used to tell exporters that they should rest in their rooms, no need to worry about printing. Leave it to us.

I was lucky enough that I got a lot of back to back orders, and my two business were running  fine. As the days passed I got an opportunity for an export order. It was a Canadian buyer called David Bitten (buffalo). I started working for them too. Now I had 3 business simultaneously. The buyers were happy with my quality and started giving me back to back orders. I increased my team and my turnover was sky rocketing.

Then came the deadly year 2008, the year of helplessness and losses. The market nose dived and crashed like anything. My business was shattered. I somehow survived as I started doing job works for other exporters. For 1 year or some more I only did this, and it was hardship all the way.

In the mean time I got married to a beautiful lady, and she brought luck with her. I was introduced to Hina by a lady she met only once in her life. I was given a chance  by her to prove my abilities , and am sure I survived my business just because LoFff came on my way at the right time.

It all started with a very small order, and now we are in our sixth season together, and again, my turnover has increased by 1300%.

I am thankful to god today and feel even more lucky after my daughter is born this year. I feel this is her grace I got such a big order .

My journey in life till date has been very slow but progressive. I have been very positive in my approach towards life and business. I am a very god fearing person. And want prosperity always for me and for the people I know. I have a passion for driving, and I like travelling as well.

Today I eat LoFff, sleep LoFff, drink LoFff, …..  I see and imagine and think  and work only LoFff.. I am in love with LoFff.  My sincere regards to Jo and Hina. You both are awesome people and make us comfortable working in all the scenarios.

I salute you both.

Thank you, LoFff.