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Jolanda Schuurman

Jolanda Schuurman


I’m Jolanda Schuurman (born 1966) and working since November 15th 2005 at Zazi Brands. I am married and have two daughters.

I started working one day a week, and doing only bookkeeping. This was soon expanded with more tasks and longer hours. And now  I work more than 40 hours and I love it.

I know a little bit about everything in the company. It also makes no difference to me what I should be doing, because I do it with pleasure. Deliveries are always exciting because it needs to happen as quickly as possible to get the goods out to the customers. But it is always a pleasantly stressful period. Of course I also have a bad day, sometimes. Probably everyone has this every now and then, but I’ve never been reluctant to go to work.

Actually, I’m a bit self-employed within the company. I can decide myself what I do and when, and if I want to work at home that’s okay too. I am usually in the office because it is more comfortable, but in the evenings and on weekends I can work from home doing things I have not found the time to do during the day.

I come from a family with four girls, I am the youngest. The sister above me is six years older and they were always together. This was for me as a child quite difficult but I have learned to deal with it and now in my later life I benefit from this.

To relax, I love to read a book (mostly thrillers). And like to go out to eat, It is cozy and convenient since I really hate cooking.

Kind Regards,