Market Vision

Everyone interested in fashion must have read about the enormous numbers of garments produced worldwide. Year after year. And probably also about the fact that a substantial percentage of these garments never even gets sold or worn. And that part of this is being destroyed again.

Or about garments that are bought, but do not get worn at all. That are handed back to thrift shops or salvation army stores, with the hangtags still on them. Usually these are ladies garments, but it also happens to kids garments.

What a waste.

Then there are the mega chain stores. Global players, that make hundreds of thousands of copies of each style. That particular style can then be seen all over the world, in all the towns and high streets, whether you are in Hong Kong, New York, or Amsterdam.
Frequently these are really nice styles. Fashionable, reasonably made, but the desire to look different, to wear something special, cannot be satisfied by these pieces.

What a pity.

We do not have the illusion that we can change this, but we have the conviction that we want to try at least a little.

Which is why we make collections with a distinctive own style. A unique signature. Niche brands, so to say.  Tailored to match the enormous variety of children and their tastes. In limited editions, never in bulk quantities. So your child can dress in a way that is befitting to its originality.

And of course, we also sometimes are left with overstocks. But if we really cannot find anyone that wants to pay for these, we give them away. There are always kids whose parent do not have the means to pay the regular prices, but that are more than happy to take them as a gift. So in the end, everyone is happy. Because destroying garments that were made with love – that is just not our style!