It started around 2010. We were approached by Oxfam Novib, asking if we wanted to support their special programme called ‘’entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs’’.  We as a company were asked to make a fixed monthly donation, which they would use to give out micro credits to entrepreneurs in challenging countries.

And since we are a big fan of teaching people to fish instead of giving them the fish to eat, we said yes, of course, with pleasure. And we have been supporting them ever since.

In 2014 we started with LoveStation22, a brand fully inspired by animals and nature, in all their diversity. So it was a logical step to approach WNF, the biggest protector of wildlife worldwide. From the very first collection we have been donating a fixed amount per garment sold to them. Half of this is paid for by our retailers, the other half by us.

Every season we selected a specific project to support, and in total we have donated more than 50.000 euro to them over the past seasons.

Then along came our first boys brand, called Legends22. In 2016 we have been supporting the  Johan Cruyff Foundation. They work internationally and try to boost sports for youth in general, but specifically in the poorer areas of cities and countries. They build so-called Cruyff courts, where the kids can play football and other games in a safe and colourful environment. So useful in this time of growing screen use and decreasing physical exercise!

For 2017 we have chosen 2 new charities, together with our customers and retailers.  We are going to support the specialized crèche for seals in Pieterburen, and the newly founded No Wildlife Crime foundation. They want to be very active in reducing the number of poachers, especially in Africa.

So, we are going to try and get a nice big amount for these 2 very support worthy foundations. If you want to read more about what we do in this respect, you can read up on the Facebook pages of our brands, and the news page on this website.