Every self respecting company has a sustainability programme nowadays. That is the trend, but what does it mean in real life?

For us it means running our company in the most sustainable way possible, To manage and reduce our footprint where ever possible. Some ways in which we do that are mentioned here below.

  • A while ago we started to replace all cotton that we use in our collections by organic cotton. During the production process of organic cotton there is no use of pesticides. So it is less damaging for the environment where the cotton is produced – which is India in our case.
  • Separation of waste. Since early 2015 a year we are strictly separating papers and plastic in our company. Since we get tons of the stuff in every year, this means there are mountains of the stuff going out for recyclying now every year. Good feeling!
  • Sustainability can also be seen as durability. If you look at our relations, they are very durable. A lot of member of the Zazi Team have been working with us for more than 10 years now. A few of our suppliers have been supplying us for almost 10 years. We are building long term relationships because it feels good, but also because there is less waste of knowledge, experience and energy.
  • And because we have been working with the same factories for many years (and visit them so regularly) we also know that the people behind the machines are adult humans of the male species. Who can send their kids to school from their salaries, and who do not have to send their kids to work in factories. If you want to see them – look in ”Who” and then choose about India.
  • Since a couple of years we have been supporting a portfolio of charities with our company. It started with Oxfam Novib, after that we added the WNF and the Johan Cruyff Foundation, and for 2017 we have added the Seal crèche in Pieterburen and the foundation called No Wildlife Crime. In this way our company helps other companies that we hold in high regard.
  • For 2017 we will use Oxo Biodegradable poly bags to pack our garments. If we can find it (and we are looking really hard) we will change to bags made from recycled plastic.

But we also have a wish list for the near future:

  • Electrical cars for our sales ladies. We are right now still driving diesels (yes, they drive around 60.000 km’s a year…) but as soon as we can afford them, and the action radius is enough for a full round of Holland, we will switch.
  • We want to launch a collection made from recycled yarns. This is sustainability 2.0. Recycling rejected garments into yarn that can be used for new garments. Without having to use virgin materials again and again. To be continued in 2017.