Our Brands

Our oldest and most well-known brand is LoFff. Since 2005 this brand (for girls from age 3 months to about 16 years) has been dressing girls that love festive and swirling dresses. Many parties have been celebrated in LoFff dresses. The brand has many fans in various countries – even as far as Japan you can find LoFffely girls.

Then there is LoveStation22. Also for girls, from about 2-12Y. This brand started in 2014 and is mainly inspired on nature. Here you can find beautiful animal prints on the colourful and happy garments. Frequently we use photo prints for that super realistic look of your favourite animal on your dress or shirt. The unexpected details make this a funky collection.

LoveStation22’s little brother is called Legends22. Our first ever brand for boys! Also here you will find colours in abundance. Sometimes animal prints, but also real boys stuff, and cartoonesque elements. This brand only started in 2016, but already is available at almost 70 shops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Then there is LavaLava, a hippie-Ibiza-ish girls collection for the age group from 6-16Y. This is for the brave, bold and colourful girls. You know that age group where they are not really children any more, but also not women yet? That’s the LavaLava girls.

Happy Nr.1 is also very colourful, but for a different group of girls. Much younger, with childish and child friendly designs, and in whacky colour combinations. Purple and pink, for example.

From 2017 on our unique fashion on demand project is available. This is called Good in being Different. Here you can choose from a selection of styles, and completely design these yourself. We will make it into a perfect garment, and you can wear something unique.