Zazi Brands is a company that designs, produces and sells a variety of children’s garments. End of 2016 there are 4 brands, but this number is increasing rapidly.

The major part of our team is located in our head office in Almelo. Here we do the designing, the admin, the re orders, the meetings. There is also a showroom here for all customers coming from the North and East of the Netherlands.

Then we have an office in New Delhi (India), where our team is located that takes care of production and sampling. They regularly visit our factories, that are all located in the area.

The first steps into children’s fashion were done in 1993 – so we have a lot of experience in this field by now. We have had a variety of brands since then –  ZigZag, Ganzo, Inchy Gu, LoFff Ladies… a whole portfolio of names from our past. Since the last couple of years we have been growing nicely and steadily, en we are on the right track to become the biggest supplier of special brands. Hence our slogan – good in being different.

Zazi-Brands is independent, free and different. We do not have shareholders or external investors, panting in our backs about the quarterly results. That gives us space to experiment, try out, grow organically in the way that we think is right and good for us.
The way we deal with each other – customers, agents, suppliers, colleagues – is probably different from what you would find in an average company. But then, we are very much aware of the fact that we are part of a whole network, and that only in cooperation and understanding you can make a success of our brands – of which everyone profits then in the end.

The similarity between our collections is that we only make garments that we think are true and beautiful, and of which we think our customers will love them too. And they should be affordable. We source our own qualities of fabrics, we decide on what colours to use, we develop our own unique prints. Not looking at the trend books for the season.

The designs are hand drawn, not computer designed. With the result that all garments have a soul, and never become flat lifeless images. We are there when the first samples are made, and adjust where necessary. We follow the whole process, from start to finish.

And that is what you see when you look at our collections.
A unique and individual style in a globalizing world.