About Suman


Suman Prasad


My name is Suman Prasad, and I am an exporter of kids, ladies and gents garments. I have been in this  business since 2006. During those years I have worked for many European brands and buyers like Staff, HTM group, lolly’s laundry, second female, just female- and these brands are all from Denmark. Then I have worked for IC company from France, and most importantly for LoFff from Holland.

Before starting my own export house in 2006 I used to work as a senior merchandiser in an export  house for three years. That is where I learned how to work in and handle an export house; and also learned how to handle things and production at different stages. It has helped a lot in starting my own

In 2005 I got married to a beautiful and intelligent and caring girl whom I had been dating for 3 years. Later on she went to Mumbai for 3 years for her further studies. At the same time I have also joined the Indian institute of foreign trade, in order to obtain my masters degree in export management.

In 2010 we were  blessed with a healthy son named Shubhay. His name means lucky arrival.
The family as it lives in my house consists of my mother, my wife, my son and my elder brother who is a country head in Kamdhenu steel. He looks after sales and marketing.

I am very much passionate about our Indian politics and  I have a dream to become a Parliamentarian. But at the same time I want my export business to flourish. I am very obsessed and very excited to work with some good buyers like LoFff.

Finally I also want to say some more about the LoFff  team. Speaking from my heart I love and enjoy working with LoFff. It is like working for my family. I always get full support from LoFff and am very impressed the way they help me sometimes.
The owner Jo is just like my guardian, she always guides me whenever I need help, and Hina is also very cooperative. Since she is the lady who introduced me to LoFff and Jo, I am really thankful to her for this kind gesture.