About Sabine

sabinealberts-200x300Sabine Alberts, thirty-something – and living life.

I live at my ‘home sweet home’ with my boyfriend Robert and cat Gizmo, we are happy with each other and with the family and friends surrounding us.

In 2006 I started working at Zazi Brands as a sales representative for LoFff in the Netherlands. Time flies when you’re having fun! When I started, there were four of us, and we had one brand … and look at us now!

Recently I’ve made a job switch, and today I am the designer of Lavalava and Legends22. Responsible for international sales, and national web shops. And apart from that I have about 26.813 other fun tasks.

It’s wonderful to work in a company where you get freedom.
Do you have a good idea? Go and see if it works! 
“You go girl!” is a sentence I frequently hear.  And then I just go for it. Sometimes it turns into a success, sometimes not – it is the fact that it is possible to try out and work on any idea you create, that counts the most. That’s so valuable.

I can tell hundreds of hilarious stories about what I experienced in this company in the past years. From collections dropped into the canal on Valentine’s Day… Working at Fairs with broken legs… A wonderful LoFff beaded top which I was wearing and it snapped, so all the beads flew through the room and left me behind in a bra… Hilarious dressing up exercises of male colleagues in LoFff dresses…  Collection racks that flew up by whirlwinds in shopping districts, with me behind it.

And also many wonderful stories about  the lovely Christmas dinners we have together … Or a LoFff exchange in which a man was offering to shave the LoFff logo on the back of his head… The collaboration of 10+ years with some of our customers – those are things to be proud of.

Bottom-line,  it is a fantastic company to work for! We are working hard, but there is also time for love, humour and conviviality.

Just like my ‘home sweet home’, I feel I’m at the right place here.